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Recycling dumpsters? What can you make from a dumpster?

As “garbage guys” we understand recycling, whether its waste paper being recycled into new paper pulp or used cooking oil being recycled into fuel. But what about recycling the collection containers themselves – what possible uses could there be?

A couple of news items caught our interest:

#1 California designer makes a Dumpster into his Brooklyn home away from home

An “only in New York” story in the NY Daily News tells the story of Gregory Kloehn who spent $4000 to turn a dumpster into a one room “apartment”. Now, he doesn’t live it all the time and it’s parked at the back of an Art’s Center but it does provide basic amenities including kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area.

#2 Man Converts Dumpster into Deluxe Backyard Pool

Strangely not in New York but in New Orleans, Stefan Beese has turned his dumpster into an in-ground swimming pool. The long skinny shape of the dumpster fits snuggly into the long skinny New Orleans yard and a regular pool liner ensures that guests aren’t walking on exposed metal.



Maybe you’ve come across some interesting re-uses for dumpsters. Please add them in the comments.

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