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Clean up or mess up?

As a company that provides clean-up and junk removal services we’re often called to clean out buildings and apartments at the request of an owner or property manager. To our knowledge we’ve never had the kind of issue seen by Nilay Shroff, a Yankees fan in New York City.

One of the items lost was a valuable Mariano Rivera bobblehead doll

According to published reports Nilay came home from work to find his apartment cleaned out.

At first, he thought he had been robbed. But soon he found out the truth — a trash removal service hired by his building goofed and cleaned out the wrong apartment.

Shroff lives in 2D. The trash removal service was supposed to clear out 2B. Someone had recently moved out of that apartment, but didn’t remove all their stuff. The building manager ordered a cleanup, but apparently didn’t give the proper “B as in Boy, not D as is in Dog” phonetic fail-safe.

In any case Mr Shroff is now suing his property manager for at least $40,000 in damages – to cover the cost of his baseball mementos, his clothes and the rest of his belongings. Read the complete story here.

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