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The future of garbage – yes, again!

Seems like we write a lot about the future of garbage in these pages (Composting and Organic Waste Management – the future of garbage collection) and (The future of Garbage Collection?) but as garbage guys its very important for us to stay on top of new trends because the chances that we’ll be using someContinue Reading

Composting and Organic Waste Management – the future of garbage collection.

California is striving for what it calls “net zero” by 2025. this is the concept of not only reducing their carbon footprint but reducing it to less than zero, going negative. A big part of this push is with management of organic waste. Currently in the US 97.5% of food waste is disposed of withContinue Reading

No garbage associations in New Jersey

A Google search for “garbage / trash associations” brings up more than a couple of national associations; SWANA is the Solid Waste Association of North America and NSWMA is the National Solid Wastes Management Association. Type in “garbage / trash associations NJ” and you get none, zero results. The reason – there are no garbageContinue Reading

Garbage is big business!

Although it’s almost impossible to put a final number on the size of the US garbage and recycling business experts have estimated the total figure to be in the region of seventy billion dollars (billion with a “B”) with recycling being about a third of that number. Here are some other interesting garbage facts: AmericansContinue Reading

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