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3 common myths about dumpster rentals

Using a dumpster to eliminate excess from your home, business or property is a terrific way to scale down overhead and finish the job rapidly and worry free. The sad reality is the fact that numerous landowners are oblivious to the benefits that renting a dumpster can offer. Since there are many myths about dumpsterContinue Reading

3 things to consider when renting a dumpster

Prior to deciding on anything, you must define what your project’s needs involve. Are you throwing heavy or light material, wood, shingles, or house siding? Dumpster rentals service a variety of people including contractors, homeowners, businesses, realtors, and landlords. Here are three things you should consider when thinking about dumpster rentals. Determine a roll offContinue Reading

The future of garbage – yes, again!

Seems like we write a lot about the future of garbage in these pages (Composting and Organic Waste Management – the future of garbage collection) and (The future of Garbage Collection?) but as garbage guys its very important for us to stay on top of new trends because the chances that we’ll be using someContinue Reading

Composting and Organic Waste Management – the future of garbage collection.

California is striving for what it calls “net zero” by 2025. this is the concept of not only reducing their carbon footprint but reducing it to less than zero, going negative. A big part of this push is with management of organic waste. Currently in the US 97.5% of food waste is disposed of withContinue Reading

Clean up or mess up?

As a company that provides clean-up and junk removal services we’re often called to clean out buildings and apartments at the request of an owner or property manager. To our knowledge we’ve never had the kind of issue seen by Nilay Shroff, a Yankees fan in New York City. According to published reports Nilay cameContinue Reading

The future of Garbage Collection?

Here’s an interesting article about how one particular municipality is bringing its garbage collection into the modern era. A couple of things caught our attention: Use of large, standardized containers for garbage and recycling. These types of containers, known as “wheelie bins”, have been popular in Europe for many years and are starting to makeContinue Reading

Recycling dumpsters? What can you make from a dumpster?

As “garbage guys” we understand recycling, whether its waste paper being recycled into new paper pulp or used cooking oil being recycled into fuel. But what about recycling the collection containers themselves – what possible uses could there be? A couple of news items caught our interest: #1 California designer makes a Dumpster into hisContinue Reading

Garbage Collection Services

Cipollini Carting and Recycling offers a full range of garbage collection services to both residential and commercial clients. Here’s a video recently uploaded to our YouTube channel showing a typical residential garbage collection route.Continue Reading

Dumpster rentals

Cipollini Carting offers a range of dumpsters for rent. Want to see how the dumpsters are delivered and picked up? Take a look at this video that was recently published on our YouTube channel.Continue Reading

Don’t throw out that old computer!

You have probably upgraded your computer within the last couple of years, we all like the newer, faster models. And it seems obvious that the old ones in now garbage and as such it can just be thrown out with the rest of the garbage – right? Wrong – since January 2011 the NJDEP haveContinue Reading

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